Specifically, his work blends vibrantly subtle abstract qualities with a contemporary New Realism framework. It conveys an emotional complexity far deeper than what the written words can communicate. For instance, the radiant glow of a scene is ingeniously built through the delicate balance of bright colors with moody swaths of dark tone, bringing forth a sense of heightened emotion and immeasurable depth. 

Emotional Tangibility 

Born Wallase Etienne in 1983 to Haitian immigrant parents in Miami, FL. Drawn to art at an early age, a pastime which contrasted gretly with the emphasis of his working class upbriging on obtaining an education that would lead to financial stability, Lebrun oftentimes relegated his artistic expressions to that of a side-job, until his one-of-a-kind oil and pastel paintings began to sell. 

New Artistic Concepts

A self-described renaissance man with a violin in one hand and a brush in the other, Wallace Lebrun devides his time between Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. It is in these metropolitan cities that he hones his craft. By drawing on the cultural history of each city, he incorporates new artistic elements into his ever-evolving body of work. Along the way, he continues to sell his artwork, as well as experiments with new mediums (Such as fresco painting) in addition to canvas oil and acrylic paint, and pastel.





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  W allace Lebrun

Wallace Lebrun